Certified Rental® understands the importance of service.

   Our rental equipment is Late Model . . . the average age of our rental inventory is less than 24 months.
   Our rental equipment is Low-Hour . . . the average hours on our equipment is 1500.
   Our rental equipment is Reliable . . . our average rental contract to service call ratio is less than 1%.
   Availability is the #1 concern in equipment rental, and we have increased our fleet to over 600 pieces.
   The potential downtime and lack of equipment availability is potentially more significant of a cost than the small savings in
   rental rate up front.
   Our equipment is backed by our distributor service personnel that are factory trained by the manufacturers that we represent.
   We spend $1 million in service training a year.
   Service is available 24/7.
   Our Komatsu line of construction equipment is known for its high productivity and fuel economy with the Tier 3 engines.

All of our rental equipment is equipped with either the Qualcomm or Komtrax (Komatsu proprietary) telemetric systems at no additional cost.  Both of these advance telemetric systems allow the equipment to be monitored in near “real time” for system malfunctions, operator misuse, equipment usage information and security concerns.  The use of these advanced telemetric systems provides a tremendous resource in maintaining the highest efficiency, greatest utilization and maximizing your expenditures with this rental equipment.

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