Rent anywhere in the Continental U.S.

With a rental fleet exceeding 1000 machines, Certified Rental® provides large earthmoving, rental equipment to customers throughout the south, east and midwest from 14 locations in four states (Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Mississippi).Get the most out of your construction project with high-quality equipment from Certified Rental.®

Certified Rental® provides a broad selection of construction and utility equipment. Our rental terms range from a one-day rental for small and medium contractors to long-term rentals for many larger customers.

It is no secret that renting construction equipment is more popular than ever with different economic conditions, changing attitudes, and viable providers in the marketplace. Read how the heavy-equipment rental market is growing and why.

It is a known fact that more and more contractors are realizing the advantages of renting vs. owning. If they cannot utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no need to own it.

We understand how the market is changing and what contractors want when they rent construction equipment. The key elements for contractors when renting equipment are availability, rental rates, nearby location, well-maintained equipment and prompt field service.

At Certified Rental® we feel all of the above are important, but more important is the relationship we build with our customers that enhance repetitive business. Most importantly to this relationship is service – it is the one factor for getting and keeping a contractor’s business.

Reasons contractors use our equipment

  • Supplement what they own
  • Equipment they own breaks down
  • Additional work-load
  • Location of job is away from their home base
  • Need for same equipment on different jobs
  • Work in a wide geographical area